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Enid is getting sweeter by the day! Sweet Nothings has come to town with cupcakes that make it hard to eat just one. Each cupcake is delicately created and baked with all the finest ingredients. There are a variety of basic cupcake flavors, filled cupcakes, frostings and icings to help satisfy your sweet cravings.

Please take time and check out our menu! You'll notice that Sweet Nothings has 10 delicious cupcakes on the everyday menu and two features of the month. You can order these cupcakes one flavor at a time, or you can order assortments! So don't be shy...come give us a try! Let us whisper a little Sweet Nothings to your every day! We guarantee you won't regret it!

At the moment, Sweet Nothings is looking for the perfect location for a Shoppe! However, that does not stop the cupcakes from coming! We continue to bake fresh cupcakes daily for anyone who wants a gourmet dessert for their upcoming event, or simply just to make their tummy happy. 

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Co-Creators: Jasie Randol & Yvonne Chapman






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  • "I just had my very first cupcake ( or should I say cakes ) at the Pink's Red Carpet Event. May I just say.....SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!! These are the most wonderful cupcakes I have ev..."
    Laresa Staggs
  • "I've tried several of the cupcakes and they are all great however those "Coconut Cupcakes are INCREDIBLY YUMMY! Try them and you will SEE! Sam I am!"
    Dena Patterson
    "Coconut Cupcakes ~ Yummy"